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About us

Company profile 

  • Headquarters based in Wittibreut-Ulbering, Bavaria, Germany (incl. own production site)
  • Branch office in Walluf (Marketing & Sales)
  • Nearly 60 employees
  • Founded in 1976, more than 35 years in experience in the organic market
  • Portfolio of approx. 400 products (incl. private label)
  • Producer and distributor of organic shelf-stable products
  • Competitive edge in shelf management, space-management and assortment optimization

Bio-Zentrale brand promise

Our responsibility creates trust.

For more than 35 years Bio-Zentrale guarantees ecological food in high quality without exception. Enjoy with a pure conscience and live in harmony with nature.

Our sustainability saves natural values.

With safety, responsibility and dedication Bio-Zentrale answers for the values that nature has given us. This gives safety to all our customers.